1 hour @ $185.00
This epic multivitamin in a liter of fluid, boosts health inside your 10 trillion cells. You'll feel charged up! Aka 'The Myers Cocktail'.
1 hour @ $185.00
Featuring vitamin C, zinc and b-complex, this remedy will boost your immune cells' response to viruses and bacteria.
1 hour @ $185.00
Look your best with this vitamin extravaganza designed for outstanding hair, skin and nails! Also a reliable supplement to vegetarian and vegan menus.
1 hour @ $185.00
Designed for athletic and surgical recovery, the Athlete’s Boost IV is a restorative blend of electrolytes, amino acids and essential vitamins geared to refresh and reset your muscles.
45 minutes @ $175
Glutathione (2000-mg) is a powerhouse for detoxification and overall health and wellness. Glutathione can slow aging, fight chronic disease, control inflammation, and bolster immune function.
1 hour 15 minutes @ $235.00
For our peak performers, we've juiced this top-of-the-line bag with 10g of Vitamin C along with Magnesium, Calcium, Glutathione, B Vitamins and Amino Acids.
1 hour @ $200.00
High dose Vitamin C can help with cancer, autoimmunity and chronic viral infections like Lyme’s. Dosing begins at 25,000mg. G-6PD required.
1 hour @ $95.00
All you want is a simple 1000-ml bag of IV saline. Then check add-on items as needed.
3 hours 30 minutes @ $479.00
Our NAD+ levels decline with age, so supplementation can restore muscle function and athletic performance, support brain health, and generally improve our energy and our moods.


Simple shots that get the job done.

15 minutes @ $20.00
B12 is essential to DNA synthesis. B12 also contributes to healthy nerve and blood cells and prevents certain types of anemia.
15 minutes @ $35.00
As the ``sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D3 boosts our moods and our immune function. Vitamin D3 also supports bone health, heart health and our nervous system.
10 minutes @ $40.00
The ImmuneZing has what you need to ensure robust immune function – vitamin C, zinc, and glutathione – in a simple, quick shot.
10 minutes @ $40.00
The LipoBurn shot boosts your metabolism – while helping to build muscle, increase energy, and burn fat – all of which are essential to weight loss.
Our Story

Everyone can benefit from a vitality boost. Whether you’re a busy working parent, a competitive athlete, or you partied hard this weekend, IV vitamin therapy lets you refuel faster so you can feel your best.

IV therapy is the most effective delivery system for nutrients, which are often not effectively absorbed in the digestive system. Boost IV, created by Dr. Jon Luchs, infuses the vitamins and minerals your body craves safely, effectively and quickly—with 100% of IV nutrients going directly into the blood stream. So you get a fast and powerful boost.

We treat individuals and groups in the Boost IV NW Portland lounge. Or, we can come to you! Our concierge IV service serves groups of any size in the Portland metro area.

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Our Customers

What our customers says?

It has only been a couple hours since the injection but I feel better. I feel relaxed but energetic. I’ve been having sinus issues and they have noticeably relaxed since the injection. The experience was amazing and the staff was very accommodating. I will definitely be back next time.

Mike DCustomer

This is the best I have felt in the last two weeks. Getting unwanted substances out if the body is never fun or easy but this did make a positive difference in hydration and overall well-being. Highly recommend this place and Andy was extremely helpful and professional. I will be back!

Kyle RCustomer

Immediately when I was leaving I felt a bit nauseated, but passed in about 5 minutes. I finished the IV at 10, and this is not even 5 hours after, but overall I feel pretty relaxed and not as hungry as usual for this point in the day. I plan to monitor and probably return in the next several weeks!

Jacqueline MCustomer

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