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Flu shots can be hit or miss since they’re based on what specialists assume will be the most common flu viruses of the season.  While high-risk patients and family members should listen to doctor recommendations where flu shots are concerned, you can always do more to protect yourself and your loved ones from this dangerous and potentially deadly virus by bolstering your immune system long before symptoms start to appear.  This is especially important for households with children or elderly adults in residence.

The Flu Boost from Boost IV has everything you need to stay healthy, even when your spouse comes home from the office with a sore throat or kids return from school with the sniffles.  Packed with vitamin C, zinc, and electrolytes, you’ll get all the nutrients you need to maximize immune response and stave off the many pathogens that enter your orbit as the flu season gets underway.  Getting sick isn’t fun for anyone, but when you’re trying to balance the demands of a full-time job, raising a family, caring for elderly loved ones, and running a household, you really can’t afford to be out of commission for days on end with the flu.

You don’t have to wait for bugs to strike.  You can get ahead of the game by scheduling regular sessions for IV Flu Boosts to maintain a robust immune system throughout the flu season.  As a bonus, you’re a lot less likely to pass along pathogens to your loved ones, helping to keep them healthy, as well.  Just call Boost IV at 971-533-1700 to get your Flu Boost regimen underway.