Why get a Vitamin IV?


IV vitamin therapy has been practiced for 60+ years! In the late 1950’s Dr John Myers of Baltimore, Maryland developed an IV nutrient cocktail composed of magnesium, calcium, B vitamins, and vitamin C in a saline bag. Because it worked so well, hundreds of Dr. Myers’ patients received monthly and even weekly IV treatments – some for decades – to help them manage chronic health conditions like fibromyalgia, fatigue, migraines, asthma, colds and sinus infections.


When Dr. Alan Gaby inherited Dr. Myers Baltimore practice in the mid- 1980s, he adopted and named the IV nutrient blend the “Myers’ cocktail” to honor his predecessor. According to Dr. Gaby, “Intravenous administration of nutrients can achieve serum concentrations not obtainable with oral [supplements], or even intramuscular [injections].” Furthermore, in Dr. Gaby’s research and review, “many relatively healthy patients chose to receive periodic injections because it enhanced their overall wellbeing for periods of a week to several months.

These past thirty years, forward thinking physicians continue to use the Myers’ cocktail and related IV nutrient blends to speed recovery from everyday fatigue and dehydration, as well as to support folks with chronic illness. Today, elite athletes and headlining performers depend of IV vitamins to sustain their winning game.

At Boost IV, our commitment is to your high-performance health! To this end we uphold the 60+ year tradition of the Myers’ cocktail, using the highest quality vitamins prepared in American compounding pharmacy clean rooms, which are then administered by nurses and paramedics who quickly take care of you in our comfortable, living-room-like IV lounge.

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