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Do you get your eight glasses of water a day?  Most people don’t, but what’s worse is how much hydration we lose through activities.  If you’re into sports, you know you need extra hydration to compensate for fluids and nutrients lost to sweating.  What about when you spend a night out at the club with your ladies, dancing ‘til dawn and throwing back cosmos? How about when you attend summer rock festivals and spend days under the hot sun?  You can easily become dehydrated and suffer consequences ranging from mild to severe.

Slamming water when you’re already dehydrated might not help.  When electrolytes become depleted due to overheating or imbibing alcohol, your body simply can’t absorb the H2O you’re putting in.  This is where the Hydration Boost from Boost IV can make a world of difference, especially when you pregame for special events with an IV hydration session. You don’t want fun outings with friends to end up in the ER, which is why proper hydration is so essential.  The extra fluids, electrolytes, and vitamins you’ll get from an IV Hydration Boost will help to ensure that you enjoy every minute spent living it up with your entourage, and you can always go for a follow-up after the fact to combat nausea, headache, and other hangover symptoms.

Having a great time shouldn’t leave you feeling worse for the wear.  Contact Boost IV today at 971-533-1700 to schedule a pre-celebration group Hydration Boost so you and your favorite ladies can kick up your heels and live life to the fullest.