Summer festival fun!

You look forward to summer all year long, not only because of the beautiful weather and opportunities to get outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping, BBQs, and other activities with family and friend, but also because of the many incredible music festivals populating the summer season.  Before you head off to BottleRock, Bonnaroo, Summerfest, Pitchfork, Panorama, Mo Pop, Lollapalooza, Afropunk Fest, or the end all, be all of summer music festivals, Coachella, you need to prep for the time of your life.

For some people, this means packing little more than a weekend bag with a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and a pouch full of fairy dust (any color of glitter will do).  Others go all out and glamp it up when they spend a few days in a muddy field with thousands of other music lovers.  What you bring, however, isn’t as important as how you behave, and if you’re like many festival goers, you spend 2-4 days (or in the case of Summerfest, up to 11) frolicking in the summer sun, dancing your heart out, and neglecting nutrition and rest.

This can become a major problem.  It’s all too easy for festival goers to suffer fatigue, dehydration, and worse if they aren’t careful.  Not only will days spent in the sun, sweating and exerting yourself, take a toll on your body, but when you factor in a lack of necessary nutrition and hydration, a sleep deficit, and likely a bit of imbibing alcohol (or whatever), you could wind up feeling too ill to truly enjoy all the ear candy.

Since you don’t want to spend your entire trip languishing in a hot tent, wishing you had prepared for the rigors of festival season, it’s a good idea to seek out a reputable clinic offering IV vitamin therapy near me in advance of your summer trips.  What is IV vitamin therapy?  It’s a way to get the extra hydration, vitamins, and minerals you need to feel your best and get that extra dose of energy that lets you dance long into the night.

With a Hydration Boost featuring extra fluids, electrolytes, B-vitamins, and vitamin C, you’ll boost your energy, bolster your immune system, and prep your body for the demands you’re going to place on it during the summer music festival season.  If you’re feeling a little worse for the wear when you return from your escapades, you can always go for another round of IV therapy for hangovers, with the addition of Zofran for nausea or Toradol for headache and inflammation, upon request.  Here are just a few reasons to visit your local IV hydration clinic before you don your cutoffs and sunnies and head to the nearest summer music festival.

Stay Hydrated

According to Dr. Lewis Nelson, a toxicologist and emergency medicine physician at New York University Langone Medical Center, the biggest risk for illness, injury, and even death at summer music festivals is not the prevalence of drug and alcohol use (although this is definitely a concern), but rather overheating and dehydration.  People simply don’t realize the amount of fluid and electrolytes that can be lost through the exertion of dancing, especially when paired with high temperatures.

Even if you’re drinking plenty of water, you also have to account for the loss of electrolytes needed for proper bodily function (including absorption of the water you’re drink).  According to Nelson, failure to replenish electrolytes can lead to life-threatening situations due to electrolyte imbalance, including multisystem organ failure.

The use of drugs and alcohol further exacerbate this condition.  Drug use can lead to any number of poor decisions, including neglecting essential nutrition and hydration.  Alcohol, on the other hand, increases the effects of dehydration.  When you drink alcohol, you not only lose the amount of fluid you ingest – you can lose nearly twice as much through urination alone.  Even worse, your body may only be able to absorb and use about a third to half of water you ingest after you’ve been drinking alcohol, further contributing to ongoing dehydration.

Headaches and nausea are to be expected, but you might also suffer dizziness, confusion, loss of consciousness, and escalating symptoms when you become overheated and dehydrated.  At some point, heat exhaustion and heat stroke become major concerns.

The point is, you need to make smart choices, including hydrating and replenishing electrolytes as needed to remain healthy and well.  If you want the best chance to enjoy the summer music festivals you attend, start by pre-gaming with intravenous vitamin therapy at an IV hydration clinic.

Get Energized

You know you’ll want to party ‘til dawn, listening to your favorite bands and learning more about newfound friends.  This means you’re going to need plenty of energy from food and any rest you manage to get, and boosting B-vitamins is a great way to prepare.

B-complex vitamins are responsible for all kinds of important bodily functions.  In your case, you’ll enjoy properties that help your body to break down food and turn it into usable energy.  B-vitamins can also help to regulate circadian rhythms that get out of whack when you’re up all night and sleeping during early daylight hours.

If you want to fight fatigue, turn your food into fuel, and keep your energy high while you rock out to your favorite bands, you need essential B-vitamins.  Unfortunately, they’re water soluble, which means they become depleted when you lose fluids (i.e. sweat and urine).  They need to be replenished.  With vitamin B-12 replacement therapy and IV hydration therapy that include other B-complex vitamins, you can prepare for vitamin and mineral loss common to the festival experience.

Fend Off Pathogens

When you’re worried about losing fluids, electrolytes, and the nutrients that keep you energized, it’s easy to forget that you’re in close quarters with a lot of other people, which means you’re exposed to pathogens that could send you home with sickness.  This is why you need to vitamin C infusion therapy in addition to fluids, electrolytes, and B-vitamins.  A strong and healthy immune system can help to ensure you have a great time at summer music festivals and return home in fine form.


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