Summit Boost

Serious athletes put their bodies to the test on a daily basis, making physical demands on themselves that the average person can’t even imagine.  If you want to achieve your goal of competing at the highest level in your sport, you need to push yourself.

What you can’t afford is to have your body fail you, whether that means suffering fatigue that slows you down, or dealing with injuries that completely derail your progress.  Conditioning your body for greatness requires sacrifice, but you also need to be smart.  Just as you put fuel in your car and perform regular maintenance on the engine, you need to take care of your body.

In addition to strategic diet and exercise, you can get essential nutrients every athlete needs with regular visits to Boost IV – for the Summit Boost IV.  This hybrid boost blends the best of our Energy Boost and Immune-C Boost, along with glutathione, to deliver the hydration, electrolytes, B Vitamins, Ascorbic Acid, and more needed to help you perform at your peak.

Intense activity can leave you feeling sore and fatigued over time, even with athletic conditioning.  These symptoms can be even worse if you’re dehydrated and your body isn’t adequately converting food to usable energy.  The Summit Boost IV takes all of your needs into consideration, delivering the nutrients that boost energy, immunity, and overall performance.

Whether you’re pre-hydrating before a big event, rehydrating after intensive training, or simply trying to stay on track and avoid injury, scheduling regular visits for the Summit IV Boost is a great way to ensure outstanding performance.  Contact Boost IV today at 971-533-1700 to make the Summit IV Boost part of your winning strategy.

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