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Wet Portland weather can get anyone down, but for those who have to work outside, regardless of weather conditions, the cold and rain can prove extremely detrimental.  Being exposed to the elements can take its toll.  Whether you’re a construction worker, a crossing guard, a meter maid, a landscape specialist, a forest ranger, or a food cart entrepreneur, spending your days battling cold temperatures, whipping winds, and driving rain could leave you a little worse for the wear, as can fluctuations between balmy and chill weather.

Staying healthy and energized is necessary to do your job, but the odds are stacked against you when your office is the great outdoors.  This is especially true if you work long hours as an entrepreneur, and parents are doubly at risk when their immune systems are compromised by their work and then they’re exposed to the many pathogens kids bring home from school.  If you’re at high risk of contracting bugs that could impact your ability to work because of your job or other factors, the Seasonal Boost from Boost IV is just what you need to stay strong and healthy.  A big dose of vitamin C and zinc will bolster your immune system while essential B-vitamins give you the energy to keep moving.

Working or playing outdoors can be both a blessing and curse.  Give your immune system the support it needs to protect your body with a health-centric Seasonal Boost.  Contact Boost IV at 971-533-1700 today to learn more and schedule your appointment for IV nutrient therapy.